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Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunts

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Hunt for Trophy Bucks

Successful hunter - 2013

Successful hunter – 2013

Most experienced deer hunters hunt for many years for a chance at harvesting a mature white-tailed buck. At Limberlost we can make that experience become a reality.

Limberlost Farms has initiated an intensive management program for the development of “Trophy Bucks“. This program includes proper diet, genetic diversity and a natural maturation process. By harvesting our 4 1/2 – 8 1/2 year old “Trophy Bucks” bucks with a “fair-chase” policy, a top quality hunt is ensured for the hunter.

Great fishing too!

Great fishing too!

If large, mature, heavy massed northern bucks are what you’re after, come see what Limberlost has to offer. With the many hunt options offered, there is an affordable hunt for everyone.

While you’re at Limberlost Farms, don’t forget your fishing pole for great fishing in our fully stocked ponds and lake.

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What Hunters Are Saying

Limberlost Farms
Absolutely amazing operation!!
Will be back without question. The mass & cannot believe the amount of bucks I saw! Wow!!

Limberlost Farms Lodge

Limberlost Farms Lodge - Dining area